Kinnikuman Senpuu phrases
  • can some help me translate these phrases? Thank you
    *Pawaa ha dekakutemo omae no make nano sa
    パワーはでかくても おまえの負けなのさ
    *Haato ni moeteru honoo ga chigau
    ハートに燃えてる 炎が違う
    *Pinchi mo awatezu ni kazehayashi kazan da ze
    ピンチもあわてずに 風林火山だぜ
    *Yumemiru senshi ha egao mo buki sa
    夢みる戦士は 笑顔も武器さ
  • You powers may be huge, but you still lose!
    What's different is the fire(flames) burning in our hearts.
    Even in a pinch, I am like Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan(*)
    A warrior with dreams, even his smile can be his weapon.

    (*)Literally, "swift as wind, quiet as wood, fierce as fire, and immovable as a mountain". See alsoūrinkazan

    PS: You don't have to post romaji, especially not when they're wrong, unless they are official. (風林火山 is not kazehayashi kazan) Everybody who could translate should be able to read the kanji
  • Oh thank you

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