Saying "Try to/Attempt to"
  • Hi everyone

    I want to be able to say "I will try to" for example "I will try to visit my friend again". Searching "To Try" on Denshi I got 試みる (こころみる) but I'm not sure how to add this to a sentence. I have an okay understanding of basic Japanese grammar but this type of sentence hasn't come up before ^^"
    Please could someone help me?

    Thanks ;)
  • You can use the ~て form of a verb and add みる to it (for example 話してみる - try to talk).
    If you want to use 試みる you should use it with nouns (for example 友達を訪ねる事を試みる。 (「事」 being the noun) - I will try to visit my friend).
  • Thank you! :D

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