kanjidic2 scrolling Curl viewer restored
  • The scrolling Curl viewer for kanjidic2 kanji (index,kanji,English transl) has been restored at http://www.aule-browser.com/kanji/kanjidic2-all-indexed-curl.html

    Use the find field or click in the app and then CTRL-F to search. The alternate mouse button (for me that is the left button) will bring up a context menu if you select text in the app.

    I will add an async view with much more content as time and energy permit ( it will load in chunks of content in the background as well jump forward to retrieve and then display a "page" of content.)

    At the moment the app does not remember where you were on a past visit.

    To clear the app from memory, use the Curl control panel app view button (bottom right on that panel.)

    The Curl browser plugin is at www.curl.com or www.curlap.com (Nihongo site.)

    If you want this as a desktop or mobile app let me know (linux, mac or any Windows; Android or iOS.)
  • Sorry ... this should not be in the Denshi Jisho discussion section ...
  • I see the Henshall 1378 error seen in edict also in kanjidic2 here as well

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