Sentence Translation
  • Hello,
    I'd like you to help me translate the following sentence:


    I don't really understand what does the "yokarou" add to the "itte". Also, what comes after that seems weird, is he translating his words to himself? what?
    If the continuation is important, all he says there is that he grabs something and screams.
    Thank you.

    P.S. How do I make Japanese quotation marks?
  • 「よかろう」 would say that it's ok to do something (in this case it's ok to say that it is an emergency) and 「言い訳」 in this case means an "excuse" not an "explanation" (it has two meanings).
    So the sentence would mean "He's making excuses to himself that it's ok to say that there is an emergency right now."
    And the quotation marks you can see in the answer already (「」) but if you have to use multiple quotes inside of each other then you should also use double quotes (『』).
    For example 『あいつは「いい」って言った。』
  • I'm thinking that he is speaking in first person, so after understanding "yokarou" and "iiwake", I think it should be more like "Hereupon (-suruto), I explained to myself (told myself) that it's okay to say that there is an emergency now (as opposed to before), ..."
    And I know how do Japanese quotes look like, I meant I don't know how to type them on the keyboard.
  • It's usually the same key which is used for "[" and "]" (sometimes with shift depending on what keyboard layout you are using), but you have to be using some Japanese input method of course.
  • 「Alright, thanks for your help, both on the sentence and the marks.」

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