Come check out the beta of the next version of!
  • It's finally time to take the wraps off the next version of I will be announcing it publicly this weekend, but wanted you all to get the first look.

    This new site can do a whole lot more than the current can. But it's still early, and there's bound to be bugs, rough edges and a few missing pieces, so please give me all your feedback here, on the forum on the new site or shoot me an email at

    The goal with this new version is to make the best Japanese online dictionary possible. I want it to be the first place you go when you encounter any Japanese that you don't understand, be it a single word, or a long piece of text. Just put anything into Jisho and it will help you understand it.

    I will be posting regular updates about changes to the new site, so please check it out often to follow along in the development.
  • It looks great! Will there be mouseover text or labels for the buttons next to the search bar? For first time users/Japanese beginners, I don't think it's immediately obvious that 部 is search by radical.
  • The sentence feature looks like it could be pretty cool the way it breaks the sentence down. However once it has recognised what the particles are, when you click on one of them, there should be information about the particle rather than other words (eg, when you click on に as a particle you currently get information about 二 at the top of the search results). Anyway, good luck with the beta - just something I noticed.
  • @cclemon Thanks! Yes, there should be mousover labels, or just straight up labels on the page for those.

    @Richard Ah! That's a bug, the particles should indeed come up on top for those searches.
  • It looks and works great, seems like it'll be very useful. :)
    The only problem I've noticed so far is that when unfolding the results bar in the handwritten kanji part the drawing box gets pressed below the field and the "Clear" and "Back" buttons disappear.
  • @I_LIKE_BREAD7 Glad you like it!

    What browser are you seeing the handwritten kanji layout bug in? I can't reproduce the issue in Safari, Chrome or Firefox on Mac OS X.
  • It's on Firefox and Chrome on Linux (Fedora 16).
    Looks like this:
    before unfolding

    Also if I close and re-open the whole field it gets opened with the right size but it doesn't get smaller when folding the results, so it seems like it opens the field with the right size but it doesn't update the size when folding or unfolding the results.
  • Thanks for the detailed images! just put in a fix for this so it should work fine now.
  • Hi Kim, Beta looks good and is a welcome step.

    Have not used all the possible features yet, but I am having trouble inputting kanji from the handwriting screen in both chrome and firefox (left-clicking and holding does nothing), but works ok in i.e. And btw, compared to the images by panzuki-san above, I am getting two fields/boxes to handwrite kanji. Normal?

    Oh, don't ask me why but I feel maybe youkoso and not irasshaimase in the welcome page? (you'll have to ask an expert native about that, and I emphasize expert- :-))

    Otherwise, good job, gokurousamadesu.

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