Meanings of particle で
  • Hello guys, i cannot grasp the meaning of で in 「その防衛本能丸出しでとっても愉快なポジション」. My translation would be something like this "...the perfect position for openly demonstrating defensive instincts...", still I failed to understand the meaning of で here.

    「アタシはエニス。エニス・カーディナル。ところでリルちゃん、その防衛本能丸出しでとっても愉快なポジションは、いったいどういうつもりかな?ライルの嫌そうな顔が見えないの?」 - the position she's talking about.
  • It's the same as 誠実で優しい人 (which itself is equivalent to 優しくて誠実な人) ポジション is being modified by two things:


    In order to join the two descriptors, we use で (where with i-adjectives we'd use ~くて form). In this case it can just be translated as "and".

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