Can someone help me translating Japanese doll sewing patterns books to English?
  • Hi everyone!!

    Well.....I'm here because I need translating some pattern books that I've had for quite sometime now & I've never made anything with them because they're in Japanese. I just want to translate for myself, not for anything else.

    Anyways, I hope I'm not a pest for asking too many questions.

    Can someone tell me what this saids.....please? I'll love you forever!! ; )


    天秦cnストレフチレ一ス通■ VSml —ル焉丨クン!«


    1 RWIM•の ぃ念わ f,

    2 r丨麝tjiの觸のwきB分にレ-スt*tいfぞけ、翼ひも用の•ノ》ン は5ル*••に为ットして111後に1<«ずつの*!い代を倉みます〉丨ンド で«ど》してわさtT <_身》*)•<br />
    3械ぐり.飧身11の霣中へ♦*«•«分♦ニつ於りにして*ひ のリポン备«どめしUt身«>.縑けてスナンチで■太業す,

    4 レ一ス《aいす,


  • Doesn't seem like an encoding issue to me. Did you scan them and put it through an OCR program? If so, please upload the original scan(s)?

    As it is, it is not completely meaningless, but there are so many scrambled and stray characters that make a faithful translation impossible. It goes like "r8gg77 of d6 ay)6 part in lace f**d7, up, for wing thread@46gh9&u ^fL8 is5 Huoo to.", well, you get the point.

    It is talking about how to make camisoles and then proceeds to list 5 steps.

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