When to use informal / formal forms?
  • So I was wondering. Is there really any easy way to tell when to use informal language? I guess it depends on the context, but as an example, talking on this site to people I've never met, I would talk formally right? Considering what kind of site it is.

    So, would I say おぉっす! じゃにゃん~ or はじめましてよろしくおねがいします。
    (Although you'd never really say this... It's to illustrate the problem..!)

  • I guess it depends on the site, but Japanese people tend to be pretty formal on sites I see. In general, I'd say it's safer to see when other people are being less formal and follow their lead.
  • Yeah I guess so.
    I guess using colloquialisms in English would be a bit of a guide. I mean, if you were about to say "omg that so damn funny lol!" you would use informal speech.

    It sort of makes sense that you would just try not to seem out of place. Thougha that can be difficult when you're the only one speaking.
  • In my experience (I've got lots of experience being rejected communicating with Japanese people in Facebook) they would prefer that you will talk to them formally regardless if they use informal once.. Considering that they know you're a foreigner, then they might have been expecting that you will talk to them politely at all times, at least in social media stuffs... Well in personal, I don't really know as I haven't been into Japan which is I wished for...

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