Trouble with japanese inscriptions
  • Hello Forum,

    I have trouble understanding some japanese inscriptions on labels/buttons. A firend, who knows some japanese, told me, there are a lot of kanji and he does not know them.
    Can someone here help me roughly translate the meaning of the text?
    I took some pictures:

    Thanks for any help or advice!
  • The amount of kanji is normal for everyday Japanese. And the kanji are the easiest part here. All those technical katakana terms are much harder to understand...

    Is it one of these products?

    I don't really know what kind of machine it is, and there are some technical terms where I don't know the English equivalent (nor what it means exactly), so below is a rough translation.If sth. is still unclear, feel free to ask, perhaps somebody else can help.

    1st pic

    How to operate the pump(er) switch
    Push (lamp lights up) Device moves up
    Push again (lamp turns off) Device moves down

    Safety Advice (literally: in order to avoid danger)
    Use is restricted to field work. When moving (To move?), please use the oil pressure (=hydraulic) lever to move it up.

    2nd pic
    Pumper (Pump?)

    3rd pic
    left knob: Adjust auto plowing depth, left shallow, middle auto, right deep
    middle knob: Monroe Changer , left manual, right automatically, below standard rotary
    right knob: Adjust Monroe facing (angle), top horizontal, bottom left "sloping down left", bottom right "sloping down right"

    [Perhaps Monroe refers to a device you can use in combination this MonroeSwitch?]

    4th pic

    How to operate the Monro switch

    columns from left to right, then rows from top to bottom separated by comma:
    1: Monro change switch , +illustrations
    2: Lower link width, large, large, small, small
    3: Position of lower link hole, back, front, back, front
    4: Devices that can be used include (=for example), Rotor(Rotary) with quick itch, prow, Rotor(rotary) without quick hitch, till/plow rotor(rotary)

    Illustration to the right, top to bottom
    frontal lower link hole
    back lower link hole
    lower link width: 590mm(=)small, 718mm large
  • Hi Blutorange,

    thanks for the help!
    THe labels are actually on a japanese tractor, I suppose that Monroe made one of the hydraulic components (Monroematic).

    Even after knowing what the japanese on these labels means, I am not much closer to understanding what is ment by most of it :D It is really hard to wrap your mind around something that you have no idea of how it was meant to work :)

    thanks again

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