electronic (offline) dictionaries: tell me how they work and the best ones and where to buy them.
  • I'm looking for an unabridged extensive dictionary like Kenkyusha's Japanese-English, or the Kojien, or the Daijirin, but I'd like an unabridged Japanese-English dictionary, and I'm looking for something in electronic form, useable offline. How does that work for Windows 7 users, and what are my options? Does the Kojien cd-rom work on Windows 7? Do I need a special program. I know there's something for the mac, but I couldn't get it to work for windows. I'm clueless in this area. I'd appreciate any help. I want an extensive dictionary, and I'm willing to pay a hundred dollars or so.
  • I wish I could help you, but I'am actually using a good dictionary from an Iphone 4S.. Well if by any chance you have it, then just go to your applestore and there are lots of good dictionaries there. Hope I did help you, somehow.
  • I need something extensive and something that is on a windows 7 computer, because I need to be able to use a full keyboard to input words. I mean, something unabridged, like Kenkyusha's...
  • I don't have an iphone or a mac
  • There are epwing versions of some major dictionaries, although they might be a bit expensive and not easy to come by outside Japan.
    Koujien in Epwing format, Japanese Amazon Store
  • Well, I'm afraid I can't help you with that.. I'm only using a Kanji ----> hiragana converter + meanings of the word. Though it helps me a lot especially if I can't read the kanji characters, either way its free so let me just share this to you. http://nihongo.j-talk.com/ I know this might not satisfy you, so just wait for some other people who knows best about this. There will surely be satisfying answers in the next few hours, so just wait. Have a nice day.. :)
  • I have heard that you can buy dictionaries to download at LogoVista. However, I have never done it myself. Also, there's not really much info on their pages in English.
    English page: http://www.logovista.co.jp/LVERP/shop/Default.aspx
    Kenkyusha: http://www.logovista.co.jp/LVERP/shop/ItemDetail.aspx?contents_code=LVDKQ06010
  • I managed to download a program called EBWin, which I think is for working with electronic dictionaries that use the standard EPwing format. And someone told me about Logovista and I downloaded the Eijiro file, and extracted it from the .rar file, but I can't get EBWin to import it into the program. My friend was using a Mac so he couldn't help me with the Windows issues.
  • The eijiro dic is apparently in the pdic, not the epwing format. Take a look here

    Also, google gives some good results for eijiro epwing converters.
  • I did a quick search and found reference to a program called "dessed". Then I found some English help about dessed here:

    My only doubt would be that the software doesn't look particularly up to date. But it's probably worth a try (using the same caution you'd use about downloading any new software from the internet and at your own risk obviously).
  • thanks, that looks like some useful information. Unfortunately, it's a little too difficult for me to figure out on my own. Or maybe I will. I have to reread everything.
  • good news! I got a program called EBWin to work with the Eijiro data I had already downloaded and got several dictionaries imported that look like they are in the pdic format. Anyway, it looks like it is a start. I guess the pros have it set up so they can quickly scan between various dictionaries within a program like EBWin....anyway, thanks.
  • You can just download epwing dictionaries from torrents. Sure, it's not legal, but hey.

    Just sayin'. :)

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