• このふぉるむがげんきかな?だれかはなして?ね?ね?
  • ふぉるむ X
    フォルム X
    フォーラム O
  • ごめなさい!やぱり、私の日本語が無理だよね?:(
  • がんばったら、なんでもできるでしょう。^_^
  • フォーラム X
    掲示板 O
  • はい!そうですね。だから、毎日は日本語の勉強を勉強しています!でもな、やぱり日本語がいちばん難しいです。だから、教えてください。:( ー Can you give me links for Kanjis N5 and N4 with meanings if it won't be that much of a bother to you? good study sites as well, if you don't mind. ありがとうございます!(Please excuse my japanese if there is something wrong, and please correct it. Thanks!)
  • http://www.jlptstudy.net/

    This is a list of vocabulary needed for each level, hope this help :)
  • @Bayoneda: Why are there years there? What are those for? お願いします!
  • Those are grammar that were used in the test that year, just for reference.
  • aahh.. Okay2.. Thanks!

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