email confirmation page popup says
  • "You need to confirm your email address"

    That same page, linked from the request email, says ambiguously
    "Confirm Email

    Your email has been successfully confirmed."

    Email Confirmed

    Your email has been successfully confirmed.

    Email Confirmation

    Your email has been successfully confirmed.

    As does this page as I type ;-)

  • yeah i get that problem too. It keeps reminding me to confirm my email address when I already did it many times.
  • Yeah, same here.
  • I don't think there is a problem with this, because I have had this problem too, but I don't have any concerns other than annoying popouts in my screen、though.
  • I just confirmed my email address last night. When I logged back today, I still have that annoying message.
  • Sorry about this. It seems to be a bug in the forum software, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

    I've turned off email confirmation for now until there's a bugfix out.
  • Either way, it nothing but an annoyance... hehehe..
  • still going on today ;-) I re-confirmed my email hoping it would now go away ... but no joy still.

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