Need help translating a short phrase
  • 天下とったる

    The とったる part, specifically, puzzles me. I have looked allover the internet and haven't found any kind of leads as to what it might mean, except this other thread on Jisho:黙っとったるから-mean/

    But that thread really didn't help much in this case.

    It's a track title from a Japanese soundtrack release for a video game called "Treasure Hunter G". I have actually never played the game myself, so unfortunately I don't know the context. Here are the Wikipedia articles for the game in English and Japanese at least (one of them might have more information than the other):トレジャーハンターG

    I'm aware that the entire tracklist for this soundtrack HAS already been fan translated, but the translations of the rest of the titles has not been quite accurate, so I'd like to verify if the current translation; "Conquer the World" is really accurate?

    I have also found a Wikipedia article for a Japanese TV series that contains the exact phrase 天下とったる again, called 激突 なりきりスター天下とったる歌合戦! but I can't find any translation for the title, so that leaves me clueless.激突_なりきりスター天下とったる歌合戦!
  • The first response in the thread you linked explains exactly what it is.

    [I'm going to] take over the world
  • Huh? It doesn't say anything at all about "take over" in that thread. And I also can't see that "取って" compound. So I don't know how "it explains exactly what it is". I probably wouldn't have found that on my own.

    But anyway, I guess it really must be that. Thanks - and now I know what とったる might actually stem from!
  • Sorry, what I said was slightly wrong, it's actually not the same as the thread you posted. This is just 取って + やる.

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