unidentifiable characters that looks like て/で
  • hello,
    i'm currently working on a translation after a long hiatus and i came across this one character and just can't identify it. first i thought that it is a で but it's a little bit different. it's difficult to explain so i've uploaded a photo of it, it is highlighted in orange: http://tinypic.com/r/34pbaly/6
    as you can see, it's a little bit different from the で two lines below. later in the text it also exists without the dakuten and looks like a て. i've looked everywhere but even my denshi jisho with handwrite recognition couldn't help me and now i feel a little bit stupid because i'm sure there is a simple explanation that i just forgot. ^^
    can anybody tell me what these two characters mean?
  • It's ご・こ in a handwritten style. Imagine writing こ but without taking brush/pen off the paper between the first and second stroke.

  • thank you so much! i knew there was a simple explanation! -.-

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