romantic message for happy birthday card in Japanese?
  • My girlfriend is Japanese and will turn 25 soon, not sure what's appropriate and want to write something better than my Japanese level so would appreciate any suggestions for a sweet happy birthday message! Thanks!!
  • Just tell us what would you like to tell her, I think these should be your words.

    Regular phrase for such occasion is お誕生日おめでとう(ございます) which I think you are familiar with.

    You know your girlfriend (probably?), you know what does it mean to be romantic for her. Tell us, we will try to turn it into Japanese.

  • Thanks for the response.... but the reason I'm asking on here is because I don't want to write something that sounds like a translation of a Western person's feelings....

    Someone might pop up and say "well you're not expressing your true feelings to her" but we are early on in the relationship and her protective parents are probably gonna see this so I'm focusing more on how it's read than how it's wrote....

    Any suggestions on what Japanese guys normally write would be highly appreciated!
  • You should have written that in your first post. How can we know to what extent are her parents protective? They might think that even simple 君のことがすき is rude and overflows with sexual context. Japanese boys usually write what their girls like to read. Just write the expression I wrote. I hardly believe that even Japanese user would be of help to you now.
  • erm, might i suggest watching/reading high school romantic anime/manga for what japanese guys normallly say/do? :D
  • She's 25 and her parents are that protective that they'll be scrutinising what you write on a birthday card?

    You sometimes see something like: 愛を込めてお誕生日おめでとう / 心から誕生日おめでとう

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