Could someone translate it for me?
  • くしやりと髪を撫でる秋彦の手の感触にドギマギしながら、 それとともに込み上げてくる懐かしさに、美咲は胸をしめつけられた。
  • I can't make a good english translation, so I break it down, then tell you the situation.

    As Akihiko smooths Misaki's hair down *くしゃりly, Misaki felt flurried. At the same time, nostargia swelling wrung her heart.

    *くしゃり is an onomatopoeia, it tells you a sound and feeling of that something is squashed softly and lightly. For instance, when paper is crumpled, it sounds "Kusha Kusha、くしゃくしゃ" to Japanese people.

    so the sentence tells you
    1.Akihiko is smoothing Misaki's hair down.
    2.Misaki feels flurred, and felt nostargic( feeling of missing her past ), and the nostargic feeling wrings her heart.
    3.1. and 2. are happening at the same moment.

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