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  • Hi all,

    I'm interested in studying Japanese in Kyoto.
    I have been there once and I think it's a beautiful city.

    I researched on the internet and I've found a school which seems interesting.
    The name is Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School. They offer various courses. This is their website:

    My questions are:
    Does anyone have studied there? Can someone recommend this school? What do you think about this website?

    Or do you have experiences with other language schools in Kyoto? If yes which one? How was it?

    Thank you very much,

  • A friend of mine studied there and although she said the environment was great, she did not learn much- Japanese language, I mean.
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  • I think Kyoto is great also. I have no personal experience with language schools, so I'm afraid I can't help very much, but I can point out one possible issue to you.

    One of my American friends went to one and his big problem was that almost everyone in his class was Chinese or Korean, who already knew the kanji. The course went through a lot of kanji very quickly, and he had real difficulty trying to keep up.

    If you think this might be an issue for you also, you could try asking a few of the schools what percentage of students are English-speaking (likely small), Chinese and Korean. (Most people from other Asian countries don't typically learn many kanji growing up.) From the website, it looks like Minsai might be fairly diverse (in terms of Asian countries), since it says they have staff who speak Chinese, English, Thai and Vietnamese (plus webpages in many languages). Another school I found online which seems to have some Westerners is here:

    I know nothing about the school, but it may be worth looking at the website.
  • I also have no experience with these schools, but, from the research I have done, I would just like to say that I think tamatama has given excellent advice.
  • Koreans nowadays are actually quite bad at kanji. They touch upon it in school, but they need to learn them from the beginning. Chinese people do get ahead. However, you can easily go through Remembering the Kanji on and learn WAY more kanji than you will learn in a full year studying at a language school, then you will have even more of a headstart than Chinese since you will already know all the kanji, you will just need to learn readings (which Chinese and Koreans have to do as well).

    With proper study, you can finish RtK in less than 3 months.
  • This was double posted and I had replied to the other post. Just in case someone else searches for the same topic, I'm pasting my reply here, too.

    I'm flying on 2 April to Kyoto, to study at the Arc Academy. I was recommended this instution by a Japanese teacher. I'm going for an intensive course for 5 weeks.

    I've done quite a bit of research on this and the options in Kyoto are pretty limited. I know little about Minsai. Why I didn't choose that one was because I found out that the majority of their students were from Asian countries. Since my knowledge of Kanji is very limited, I didn't want to sit in a class with people who already write/read Kanji. I was warned that this would be a big disadvantage.
    Arc Academy contact (Ryosuke Azuma) has been quite helpful in arranging accomodation, etc for me as well. The school gets reduced rates from the estate agency. The communication in English was OK. The school is bang in the center of Kyoto.

    Since it's another 2 weeks before I start studying, I can't say much about how it really is. But I'll keep you posted if you're interested.
  • Hi basak,
    How was your course at the Arc Academy?

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