Fuku suru
  • Does someone know if this verb can have the mining of "becoming"?
    The sentence was: "(If----)...majo ga fuku suru kamoshirenai"
    The problem is I've just heard it so I don't know with which kanji is written and the "ga" confuses me but I've might just misheard it.
    They translated it as "...you'll be nearer of becoming a wich" which makes sense with the context but doesn't seems to be very accurate. "...you might lose against the wich" also makes sense.
    Can anybody help me?
    Sorry about my english.
    Thank you.
  • If you're certain that it is "fuku suru" then

    伏する / 服する ふくする
    1: to obey; to submit; to defer; to yield; to abide;
    2: to serve (e.g. in the army, or a sentence in jail (gaol));


    副 ふく
    2: (Noun) duplicate; copy

    So "lose to (the darkness) and become" or "become servant of"
  • Thanks a lot! So if it's really "ga" the second one makes more sense then?
  • If this is Madoka then probably the first. Later in the series they started to use more nuanced language I think.

    The 'ga' is probably for emphasis on majo, or introducing a new topic of 'majo' if they were just talking about something fairly different.

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