NEED HELP ASAP translating Japanese World War II Documents from Japanese to English
  • Hello, My name is Jamie Jensen, I work for an Ebay business in Washington State. I recieved an item consisiting of a Japanese leather wallet of some sort containing 2 forms of paper documents appearing to me written in Japanese. However, I do not know what the Documents say or the purpose. If someone could help me translate I would be greatly appreciative. Thank You.

    I will send pictures of the documents; you can e-mail me at

  • Hi!!!


    send me n my email id...
  • I don't know if this has gotten you much direct response, and I may be wrong, but for the future I believe just going ahead and posting sample hosted images by a reputable site like photobucket would allow more of us to attempt it and see if we could be of any help, assuming most people are uncomfortable making direct email contact with strangers.

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