Can anyone translate this photo caption?
  • Trying to decipher writing on back of a Japanese family portrait (pre WWII) that shows two women, a teenage girl and five younger children. I'm just curious if it's a family name or place name or something that might help identify the image.
  • The top left is 山中 which is probably a family name. The first character on the bottom left is 上. The first kanji on the right looks like 両.
  • Many thanks Richard. Does it have an equivalent in English? I know with a family name it may be difficult to translate that way.
  • 山中 is Yamanaka. Multiple pronunciations are more of a problem with given names.
  • Rikaichan also gives "Sanchuu" as a reading for 山中.

    Another reading is "Yanamaka", which just looks wrong. ;)
  • I'm sorry dzurn but your post is extremely misleading. "Sanchuu" is a possible pronunciation, but a very unlikely one.

    The correct reading would, as Richard says, be "Yamanaka" (not "Yanamaka").

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