How would I say this in japanese?
  • I'm a first year in Japanese, in こうこう and I know a couple of simple sentences in japanese, but I'm writing a paper in english and japanese, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to transliterate between the two languages. So I was wondering how I would say: " For some reason, it was the art that I couldn’t get enough of, and whenever I saw it, I would instantly become interested in what I was seeing"
  • For future reference:
    "transliterate" = moving between two phonetic scripts, e.g. between kana and romaji.
    When you write your name in katakana, that's transliterating.
    "translate" = moving between two languages.

    If you're writing this paper for school, you probably shouldn't try to get people to help you with more complex structures than you've been taught. Instead of writing something in English and trying to translate it word for word, you should think about:

    1. What you are actually trying to say. e.g. "Do you want to become a doctor?" is a question about someone's desire to do something. "Do you want some help with that?" is an offer of assistance. "Do you want..." therefore doesn't have a simple translation.

    2. How to break down or rewrite the English into something simpler. e.g. I would break that sentence into at least two sentences for a start.
  • Many of your words are quite vague, such as "art" etc. As Jenelit said, cut it to two sentences and make it much easier (english). :-)
  • Not to sounds harsh, but when you dont speak a language and you want to translate try thinking like a child would when they speak. Break the words down! and remember a lot of English words even translated into Japanese wouldn't be used in the same way we do.

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