Japanese kanji names question...
  • Japanese residents use Kanji for official documents, I know that kanji in names can be either completely on-yumi or kun-yumi... but can they be both? I was wondering...
  • "on-yomi" and "kun-yomi" (not yumi - it comes from "yomu" - to read). There are also nanori - readings used in names.

    There are plenty of names which use mixed readings, or non-standard readings. Family names tend to have one or two usual readings, but given names can use anything you like. (sometimes to unfortunate effect, see dqname.jp )

    Given names can also be written partly or entirely in kana.

    The only way to be certain of a name reading is to check with the person or some reference (e.g. if it's a famous person, wikipedia should have the reading).
  • Yes. See: 本田.
  • For names, it is 人名漢字 that is used. It consists of more than 800 characters that can be used in names with readings included.
  • Thank you Jen, Louis and Maestro.

    Louis, in particular for the lovely example.
  • Another really stupid question, i'm sorry to keep asking.

    In the manga Death Note, Yagami Light's kanji is 夜神 月. I understand how 夜神 = Yagami, but how did raito (Light) turn into 月?

    Is there more to Kanji names?
  • ahh nevermind guys. Someone has already asked this question: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100105162951AAtB52T

    It's interesting how you can have completely random kanji and choose how you want them read, ignoring all yomi rules...
  • I don't know about the manga, but a character in the anime actually comments on the unusual reading of his name.
  • would you call it nanori? because it's not a common japanese name... so it requires the person to always explain how his/her name is read when introducing...

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