How do i write in Japanese?
  • I've noticed that some people have been typing words in Japanese on here. How do you do that?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Posted By: Aj
    [p]I've noticed that some people have been typing words in Japanese on here. How do you do that?[/p][p]Thanks in advance.[/p]

    Depends on your operating system. If you have Windows XP:

    * Go to the Control Panel
    * Click the "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" icon
    * Click "Add other languages"
    * Click the two boxes under "Supplemental language support", one support for East Asian languages and one for left-to-right languages.
    * Click apply

    And you're done. This procedure might require you to insert your Windows XP CD into the computer.

    After you've done this, do this:
    * Click the "Details" button in the same "Add other languages" window.
    * Under "installed services", click the Add button.
    * Set japanese as the input language.

    Now you simply use the windows language bar to change between English and Japanese.
  • On a Mac you just go activate the language in System Preferences (you have 50 keyboards or so, out of the box).
    And you can keep different input sources for different applications. Quite useful, when you use more than 2 languages.
  • I've got Windows Vista...Thanks for the replies.
  • Vista eh? There's always this.
  • If you want to do it on Vista, it's similar to XP.

    Go to Control Panel
    Clock, Language, and Region
    Change keyboards or other input methods
    Keyboards and Languages tab
    Change keyboards
    Add (Japanese)
  • Possibly you've sorted it all out by now, but just in case you didn't know...

    When you type in 'nihongo' and it appears on the screen as 'にほんご', you have to press the space bar to turn it into '日本語'. Sometimes you'll get a choice if there's more than one possible word.

    Just the space bar bit wasn't that obvious for me when I first started typing Japanese.
  • ありがとがさいます。

  • Although you'd write 話します ;)
  • Posted By: asmodai
    [p]Although you'd write 話します ;)[/p]

    If i wanted to write it in kanji, i did not.
  • Posted By: Aj
    Posted By: asmodai
    [p]Although you'd write 話します ;)[/p]
    [p]If i wanted to write it in kanji, i did not.[/p][/quote]

    There's really not much choice in the matter, some words are supposed to be written in kanji while some are not. Some can be but often aren't. While you could write your whole sentences in kana, no one would want to read them.
  • Hiragana = Original Japanese characters, Katakana = borrowed words, Kanji = Chinese characters adopted by the Japanese.. sore dake da.
  • "Hiragana = Original Japanese characters, Katakana = borrowed words, Kanji = Chinese characters adopted by the Japanese.. sore dake da."

    No... hiragana and katakana were both derived from kanji.
  • Oh yea, It was derived from kanji characters, what I mean is how they use their letters. Look at the question, "How do I write in Japanese". Hiragana = characters to be used for those words that are originated from them, eg. kawaii = cute = かわいい。Katakana = borrowed words such as sports = supotsu = スポツ、and kanji adopted from the chinese, 豚肉 = pig.
  • Couple of mistakes there - 豚肉 is pork not pig, sports is スポーツ.

    Although most learners first learn that katakana = borrowed words, this is not entirely true. e.g. たばこ is often written in hiragana (originally a loan-word), ケータイ (cellphone) is commonly written in katakana these days although it came from a kanji compound. Katakana has many other uses than foreign words. Probably the better "broad" statement is that katakana = sound rather than meaning, and therefore is often used for emphasis, indication of accents in dialogue, sound effect words, etc.

    かわいい can be written in kanji (可愛いい), and many words which are in kanji have readings that are Japanese - e.g. きょう (今日) has a reading which is from Japanese, and kanji which were taken from Chinese and are used for their meaning. Another interesting example is shorthand kanji for countries, e.g. 露 is used for "Russia" as it has the sound ろ and Russia is ロシア in katakana.

    It is best, when using an input method, to avoid converting to kanji if you're not sure of which of the options is correct. You can get some weird sentences that way. Some IMEs have little tips that come up explaining the difference (in Japanese, though).

    It is acceptable to write in all-kana if you need to, although you might want to space it out to make it easier to read. It does look childish, and you should use the kanji you know, of course, but better than writing 浣腸 when you meant 官庁!
  • Thank you so much for the infos, I'm learning a lot. :)) aahhh... I wish I could be as good as you guys here, anyways I was visiting japanese forums to learn and it wasn't a waste. Please teach me moreeee.. My current level according to my instructor is that of N4 or N5 but probably because it was like 2 months ago since I've finished studying, I guess my knowledge especially to kanji is degrading, so please helpp!

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