Help with sentence or URL format?
  • Hello,

    I guess I should explain what happened.
    I had submitted a URL to a site using their form, but the site had accidentally tacked on (200 onto the end of it.
    This resulted in the URL becoming invalid.

    I'm reediting the URL, but am a little worried that if I resubmit it will do the same thing over again.
    I can leave a postscript for the adminstrator, but am a bit nervous on how to structure it.
    What I want to say is something like:

    "There was a mistake with the URL last time. It was ______(200, but the right URL is actually _______. If this happens again please change it to the correct URL."

    What I could think up was:

    Sound odd?
    Or could this just be avoided if I add on a space at the end of my URL to see if it will prevent the tacking on of (200 ?
  • There are slight grammatical errors (mainly particle use) but I think your post is fine.

    You should probably change "もし(200あれば正しいURLを変えて下さい。" to "もし(200あれば正しいURLにしてください。". Other than that, I wouldn't worry about it, they will understand what you mean.
  • Thank you for responding!

    I didn't catch my " 正しいURLを変えて下さい。" mistake.


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