I am lost for words....
  • Dear All,

    I think you are one of my last places I can turn to and find a meaning to the symbols on my kimono.
    I have acquired a new Tomesode and to my surprise I have found some writings on it... but I am stuck after
    the first word.
    So if there are people here who can help me that would be great!

    Here is the picture of it>>>
  • Ah, I want a kimono~
  • I'm pretty sure it's a name...
  • The red mark at the top is most likely a personal seal (判子) of the designer. So it might be fair to assume the kanji below is a name, like Tobberoth says.
  • That old style handwriting makes it more difficult to read. The only character I'm confident about is 全. This sounds like a cop-out I know, but I wonder if it's Chinese. The character before 全 looks to me a bit like 东, the simplified Chinese character for 'east'.

    Well, maybe not (if it's old style, why have a simplified character?), but that's as much help as I can give.
  • Well, I am glad I am not the only one having difficulty reading it!
  • the second one looks like 風 and the 全 one looks more like 金 I think
  • The fourth one reminds me of 泡 which means bubble. (awa)
    The third one looks a bit like 川, but it looks small and odd.
  • It's not old style handwriting, it's calligraphy. With calligraphy the stamp (hanko) is square. The reason you can't read these kanji is that it is some kind of shorthand used in gyousho and shousho style. There are rules, of course, but I don't know them (yet). Kanji or hiragana can look totally different and with hiragana a kana can look like another one. I wonder if the artist wrote his name. It could be, but he/she already stamped his/her name with a hanko. Now I come to think of it, the stamp could also be the company. There's only one kanji on it.

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