New fansubs group!
  • Hi, hello, konnichiwa or konbanwa. You name it! Anyways, enough with the awkard. I and a few friends started a fansubs group a few weeks ago (actually I started the project over a year ago, but we didn't do anything, and it was only me and some other guy I don't have connetioncs with anymore) and we were wondering about good names. We want something serious and good, not like kusou-fansubs or doerai-fansubs (although the last one named sounds pretty good :P). Can you please help us come up with some (good) ideas? :)
    (It's hard coming up with a good name, and this way we get good ideas from other than just ourselves!)
  • Himei-fansubs and Nigiri-fansubs have a nice cling to it, but I don't really know if it's the right way to go... :P
    And also, I would like to use the most perfect kanji which I can't figure out by myself ( x'] ) nor do I want the kanji to be with several kanas after, because that isn't kanji form. D:
  • You will find out that okurigana occurs much more often in Japanese than you may think right now. Solely singling out a name just for the kanji makes me think you'd be better of with Chinese which only has hanzi. Japanese is kanji plus hiragana plus katakana and nowadays more and more words are written with just hiragana than years ago when their kanji forms were more popular.

    Just my EUR 0,02.
  • What asmodai said. Sure Kanji is frequently used, but it is also frequently attached with hiragana and katakana.
  • I know, I know.I just wants a name without to much okurigana. Ten or eleven characters is too much for a SHORT LOGO. :P
  • Heh, well, I tend to come up with decent names according to people. One project is
    That name is one I came up with. See for the rationale. ^^

    Most of the time most fansub groups are so unimaginative. They take a word they heard in an anime and tack on subs/fansubs and a new group is born. Be creative!
  • I have decided on the name densetsu, for legend. ^^
    Soon will be up! Enjoy it. :)
  • Makes me think of 聖剣伝説3 or ゼルダの伝説. I guess those don't count though because those are video games.

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