hints in reading comprehension
  • hi guys, can you pls give me a hint about long reading comprehension. i understand short lines but if its a long one, i get very confused,any hints to make it easy to understand^^?
  • Try tackling it from the end backwards?

    It depends where you find yourself coming unstuck. A lot of people when they start reading seem to have trouble with things like noun-modifying clauses, or you might need to study some more grammar (particularly conjunctions, e.g. bits that join parts of a sentence together) to make it easier to parse sentences.

    If you give an example of the sort of thing that you struggle with then we can work through it: mostly it's just practice.

    An example from a random news article:

    This actually boils down to アメフラシが、地元の海岸で産卵し始めた。 with a long modifying clause describing what a アメフラシ is.

  • だけの練習
  • ok, so they assume their readers don't know the kanji for cow 牛 but know how to read 隠岐諸島? makes no fucking sense
  • You're expected to know both, but it has become common to write the names of animals and plants in カタカナ, especially in newspapers and science articles.


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