Small kana input. Question to Windows users
  • I've been thinking about romaji to kana conversion lately and have been upgrading the algorithm used in Denshi Jisho.

    However, I have hit upon a problem where I could use some input since I'm not a Windows user.

    To write small kana, you can use both "xa" and "la" for ぁ in Windows. How common is the "la" usage? On macs typing "la" will produce ら, which I think is more consistent.

    Do most Windows users use the "la" for small kana convention? Or is this simply an obscure input convention? A quick web search seems to indicate that this is commonly known, which makes me wonder if I should change the Denshi Jisho behavior to reflect this.
  • Hej Kim,

    based on my use both la and xa are known. See also for an overview. The IME 2007 is similar still.
    So given both exist (just like on my Canon Wordtank) I cannot say whether one is preferred over the other.

    Also in UIM both la and xa are available. I think you should just support both. Makes typing easier, at times I find myself typing la and then follow up with xo since it allows you to use both hands instead of two finger in rapid succession of one hand.
  • Personally I've never even once used l to make a small kana.. but then again, I found out recently it's even possible so I don't know how others do it.

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