Giving my japanese teacher a....postcard
  • Next week it's probably the last time I'll see my japanese teacher, and I bought some kind of postcard where I want to tell her how much influence she had on my life, thank her for everything and stuff like that.

    The problem is, she'll ask me what is that when I'll give it to her, and I don't know how to explain. It's just a small keepsake, but I don't know how to say that in japanese. A little help please?
  • Because it is the last time I see you I want to thank you for any help I received from you.
    I will always be affected by your teachings.


    [I suggest switching あなた with [name]さん]
  • I'd say something like

    I want to say thank you, so I thought I'd give you this postcard.

    No offence to MaestroS but please don't call your teacher by her name or say である to her :p

    (Teacher = 先生)
  • @louis: Thank you so much! That's what I needed.

    @MaestroS: You misunderstood me a bit. You didn't read until the end. But thanks anyway for trying to help!
  • @louis: Why is である wrong? It is the most formal way (more formal than です).

    And it is common to call your teacher using family name + さん to express directness, especially when thanking with a postcard.
  • You generally don't use である in speech; it's generally restricted to writing. You'll find it in books and newspapers but it's unusual to use it in conversation. There's a difference between formal and polite.

    You generally call your teacher 先生, even after they cease being your teacher.
  • "and I bought some kind of postcard where I want to tell her how much influence she had on my life"

    So is he supposed to TELL HER that or WRITE IT on a postcard? I though he's gonna WRITE IT so I used である.
  • Like he said, he was asking for help with how to explain what it is when he gave it to her, not with the content of the message.

    Even then it's too formal. Scientific journal? Sure. Postcard? Nah.
  • Ah! 分かった! Sorry then ^___^

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