Express '' need to''
  • Hello everyone

    How do I express ''need to''?
    Eg, Don't you need to study?
    Eg. Do you need to work this Sunday
    I have tried in vain to search for its equivalence in the Japanese Language.
    Thank you!
  • Hmm, ''need'' and ''must'' are quite different aren't they?
  • Well, in English we make the distinction between 'need' and 'must', especially in usage, for example you wouldn't say "*Do you not must (study)?" or "*Don't you must (study)?" (instead, it would be "Must you not study?" - which conversely can't quite be replaced by "Need you not study?"). Elsewhere, it's mostly a distinction of obligation: "I must go see the professor after class", "I need to go see the professor after class". However, there's significant overlap between "must" and "have to", and here the distinction could be compared to long forms vs short forms in Japanese (i.e. there's a certain difference in the degree of casualness or politeness). Then, there's also some overlap with "can" or "may" in the negative imperative form: "you must not enter", "you cannot enter", "you may not enter".

    Japanese doesn't really make all these same exact distinctions, and so there's overlap with the English forms.
  • ハハ!False!!!! There is a difference, even in the japanese language.
    MagGreenさん, use 必要.
    必要 is a noun or a な adjective, so in your case, you would say:
    今度日曜日に働くがありますか? (Is there the necessity to work?)

    頑張ってね?それにはかくさんに聞かないでね。(jk ハハハ!)
  • The link I posted applies to the examples he posted. You wouldn't use 必要 in this kind of situation, that's more of a general "requirement" type thing.

  • Thank you jackchak and louis! :)
  • @jackchak

    I never said Japanese can't explicitly express particular meanings, I just said that there's no exact one-to-one correspondence with every single English term usage. So in different situations, "need" could be translated by different words or formulations (cf. louis' link).

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