What exactly is a no-Adjective?
  • What exactly is a no-Adjective? I once thought that they were about the same as na-Adjectives; turns out I was wrong.
  • no-adjective is actually not an adjective, but something similar to "~'s" or "of ~". The meaning is different from that of "na-adjective".

    排尿困難の治療。 Treatment of urination problem. (if you say 困難な治療, it will become "a treatment that is difficult".
    先生は困難な問題を出す。The teacher gives difficult questions. (if you say 困難の問題, it will becomes "questions about 'difficulty'".
  • 簡単だよ!
    A "no" adjective is a noun.
  • Not quite that simple, sadly. As far as I know, no-adjectives are irregular and you just have to learn them through normal practice. For example, 中古(ちゅうこ), "used, secondhand". On its own, 中古 is not a noun, nor is 中古な a word.

    Used TV:
    中古なテレビ X
    中古のテレビ O

    Just a quirk of the language, unfortunately, but not super hard to accommodate with good vocab study. Good luck!
  • a "no" adjective is a noun.

    中古 is, technically, a "temporal noun", which is still a noun, only more abstract and usually used as an adjective.....haHA!
  • I stand corrected. :) It is one of many temporal nouns.

    Worth noting, though, is that not all nouns act as no-adjectives. You will simply have to learn them with practice.
  • Hmm does that mean that basically no-adjectives are special adjectives that require の instead of な ?
    Will the meaning remain the same?
  • EXACTLY!!! or "no" instead of "i"
    The whole noun thing I mentioned is that "no" roughly means "of".
    So if you say "the king of germany" or "the castle of stone",
    "of Germany" and "of stone" are adjectives even though they use nouns.分かった?
  • Sorry to be a nuisance, but can I have afew more examples?
    Hmm, lets use the word 内緒. It is a noun and no-adjective.
    When should we use either of them?
    More examples will be greatly appreciated!

  • 内緒の話だが僕は近々仕事を辞める予定だ
    "Between you and me, I'm going to quit my present job soon. "

    This is the best thing about denshi jisho (in my opinion). If you search a word, you can click on "sample sentences". As you can see, "a confidential talk" or "talk of secrecy" is translated as "between you and me"

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