• Does anyone know of any good sites for getting Japanese ehon in the UK (preferably in English). I've read quite a lot of articles on the subject and it sounds like they're good for reading for beginning learners... I've seen ehonnavi.net but it'd be good to discover a site in English...
  • Personally I would probably use amazon.co.jp, they have great service. The site is in Japanese of course, but the interface is identical to the UK amazon so it's easy to find your way around. You could look up some words needed for the search like 絵本 and simply use those to find what you need. If you need to have reviews in English etc, I don't know, I have no better advice than amazon ^^
  • Thanks for that, I'm not sure why I didn't try it before! Out of interest what's your opinion on reading that kind of material to boost reading ability?
  • They can be good to use if you don't mind the kiddie themes, but some of them might have a frustratingly small amount of text. If you had free access to these kinds of book, then I think that yes, they're good for learning, but it might be expensive to make any significant progress if you have to buy them.

    Also I'd prefer to see a book physically before buying it. There may be a small Japanese shop, library or cultural centre near you (depending where you live) where you can start to get an idea what you might be buying (though I guess you've probably done your research on this).

    If you go with it, and you're not sure what to read I recommend myths and legends which are good for cultural background and tend to retain a bit of edge even in child-friendly versions.
  • Posted By: mcdreamer
    [p]Thanks for that, I'm not sure why I didn't try it before! Out of interest what's your opinion on reading that kind of material to boost reading ability?[/p]

    My general opinion is that the best way to learn japanese (any language?) is to be exposed to it. Now, the best way is of course to live in japan, but since that is kind of hard to accomplish just like that, you have to make do with what you have. Reading japanese books, listening to japanese music, watching japanese TV, using japanese websites, play japanese games... just force yourself to read and use japanese as much as possible.

    Of course there is still the problem with skill, a beginner can't simply buy a japanese novel and start reading, which is why 絵本 is such a great idea. You force yourself to read japanese without having to have very high skill to begin with. I do warn you however, even 絵本 often feature decently hard japanese, especially "traditional" stories like kachikachiyama, they are written in kind of old japanese which isn't easy for someone studying modern japanese. But yeah, I think it's a great idea.

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