Urgent Translation Needed Please
  • We are putting on a Japanese Relief Benefit Concert here at a local venue and the name of the event is:

    Downtown for Japan

    We used Google Translate but we have been told their translation is incorrect. We would like to please get the Japanese characters for the slogan above.

    Thank you!
  • This is what we are working with now, with some help from a local Japanese restaurant, please let us know if this is correct:

  • That is literally "Japan's sake 'DOWNTOWN'"

    Translated, it is grammatically correct for Japanese though. It still wouldn't have a real meaning but you are just making a slogan or something right?

    Another word for "downtown" is machi-naka (まちなか / 町中), but Japanese also can say "downtown" like yours already has. If you want "catchiness" stick with ダウンタウン (down-town) because for whatever reason, English loan words are always "catchy." So basically, what you have is perfectly fine.

    I don't know what your message is actually trying to convey though. Is "Downtown" a band's name? etc. If so you could go with "日本にダウンタウン" which is more literally "Downtown to Japan". Edit: Actually it also could be interpreted as "Japan's downtown" in strained logic, so your original is probably better.
  • The only thing I would do is ask Japanese people around you whether they would say "Nippon" or "Nihon" for the "日本" in this case. It is pronounceable either way, and I'm not sure whether there is a contextual cue that indicates pronunciation, or if it's regional or such. But it's entirely understandable whichever way.
  • Downtown is referring to the Downtown area of our city, pulling together as a community and putting on a benefit concert, we came up with the slogan Downtown for Japan.
  • Actually thinking about it some more, 日本のため *に* ダウンタウン may be more direct and specific. But I have the feeling it is potentially slightly offensive because it would be like you're "downtowning" for their own good.

    EDIT: Didn't see your last post. In the sense of it literally being the downtown area, I would think your suggestion would have the sense of downtown doing something for Japan. Which would be correct still.

    The best way is to run it by other Japanese youth (into 30s) though.
  • We went with: 日本のためのダウンタウン

    Hoping that works ok.
  • Yes, that's fine. The message is clear. Since it's a name, I wouldn't consider grammatical correctness to be all that important.

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