Help with japanese sentences
  • Hi again, because of the earthquake in japan, I wanted to leave some messages to people I was worried about, I'm always having trouble when trying to write sentences because I feel like some things are off.

    "thank you for answering, I'm glad to hear that you're okay and that everyone's doing their best."
    応答ありがとうございます, 無事で本当に良かった. みんなが頑張っています,良かったです.

    "please take care from the aftershocks. from far away, I'll be praying for everyone's safety!!"
    余震気をつけて下さい. 遠くから, みんなの安全を祈っています!!

    I would be really grateful if someone could help me!
  • You could write something like:


    (Emails are usually one sentence per line, which is what I assume you're sending.)
  • ohh I see, Thanks a lot tamatama!
  • 良い

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