Japanese and Learning Difficulties
  • Hi there :)

    This has become quite an interesting topic for me lately as I have started a website based around learning Japanese with a learning difficulty and was wondering if anyone here would be able to share their experiences with it?

    I myself have severe Dyslexia - I have a bad short-term and long-term memory among other things which proves very difficult in learning and then remembering new information.

    If you don't mind sharing the information about how it affects you and what ways you have found best to combat or at least assist in learning Japanese I would be very grateful.

    Andy :D
  • I have always wondered whether kanji made Japanese easier or harder for people with dyslexia...
  • ya it is quite difficult.....:):)
  • There's nothing like dyslexia. It's silly explaination of someone's lack of will to study the language. Another invention of 'scientists'. Bleh.
  • Maestro, easy enough to say until unless you actually have it. Since none (or very few) of us here have met face to face, it strikes me as neither possible nor productive to accuse someone of being lazy.

    Andy, I have no visual learning disability, but I can tell you that Japanese is hard no matter what. I'm afraid I can't offer you any particular learning tips, but you are not the only person rowing against a strong current. Good luck. :)
  • "There's nothing like dyslexia. It's silly explaination of someone's lack of will to study the language. Another invention of 'scientists'. Bleh."

    How ignorant.
  • It's my opinion that everyone studying a foreign language has a disability in that they're trying to do something that young kids' brains are meant to do and adults just aren't anymore.

    Anyway, regarding Japanese - I myself am learning it mostly by ear since the writing system is so impossible. Dyslexia isn't supposed to be such a problem for auditory learning.
  • @louis

    Ignorant? Nowadays psychologists or psychologic centres are now giving dyslexia papers just-like-that, often without proper examinations. It's been happening for quite a long time and now it's hard to say who FOR SURE is having dyslexia (genetically based) and who FOR SURE is dumb and had no proper education given or had not put enough effort to study. I am working both in educational and psychological environments and statistics updated each year are just FRIGHTENING! Amount of children having dyslexia/dysortography/etc. papers is growing rapidly. Although in most cases it's not dyslexia at all.
  • What you said is that there's no such thing as dyslexia. I was responding to that.
  • I know it could be difficult to study the language, it is like 360 degrees away from your own language. But in order to learn, you can use dictionary, like i did. I always go to Eudict, and http://www.rocketlanguages.com/japanese/premium/index.php?hop=gopmike it helped me a lot .:) So try it!
  • I am new here, 57 male adult, retired, now living in Japan, and learning Japanese with severe dyslexia. Is it easy no, however just living here studying at home and being able to write some and being able to read some not all signs is pretty interesting. And for those non-dyslexia believers that's okay man didn't walk on the moon either right?

    I have always known I had a learning problem since I was a kid in grade school back in 1960’s and was called special. I used to get my b’s and d’s letters backwards all the time, couldn’t remember how to spell words, stuttered, but I did graduate high school and went on to college. I have learned on my own how to compensate, but it is not easy when it comes to learning. I have to read the same book several times and the computer has been my saving grace. I have developed my own system to find things in my own way. And spell check is a GREAT tool I cannot live without. I have over come stuttering by using different words I couldn’t say, but can now.

    I intend to learn Japanese and write it as well, I have found hearing young girl’s speak I tend to hear all the words vs an older person or male with a deeper voice. I live across the street from a Junior High School and hear the girl’s voices all the. I have also found using what I have just learn at home with the neighbors and people on the street helps me remember the words better.

    It hasn’t been all fun being dyslexic, however it is normal for me, at least that is how I look at it. It may take me longer to learn something, but I excel after I learn it. I wish I wasn’t like this sometimes, but then I wouldn’t me.

    And for the non-believers us dyslexic do well in life, I run my own web site and have written a special aviation book, and was one of the top aircraft investigators in the FAA. We are special and dam proud of it.

    aka Stache
  • @Maestro Yes you are being quite ignorant. Unless you are, I don't think you are qualified to even have an opinion (let alone comment) on weather Dyslexia exists or not. Research has been done, and we agree it exists. I'm not attacking you, but who are you to brand sufferers as "lazy"?

    Apart from that, I think Dyslexia is a cross cultural thing. English speakers suffer from most dyslexia possibly because the English language contains a more complex understanding of phonemes than most languages.

    I think just because you suffer from Dyslexia doesn't mean that you will never learn Kanji... in fact, I think learning Kanji will help you learn memory techniques to aid your dyslexia. I am mildly dyslexic myself, and I think it's bound to the english language more .

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