Help please, translate japanese to english
  • In order to do a more accurate translation, a context is needed, but I'm rather sure it could be translated as "Only hear the voice".
  • thank you sir, anyone else? sorry I don't know japanese langauge.

    btw, my trying-to-learn japanese friend was trying to figure out and suggested words such as.. became, north, sound, is the image a sentence at all?
  • Well, it is a sentence.


    声 means "voice".
    聞きたく is an adjective from verb 聞く, it means "(I) want to hear/listen".
    なった is the past form from verb なる, which means "to become".
    だけ means "only".

    Your friend failed at think that きた from 聞きたく was north.

    Actually, this sentence can be translated as: "Now, I only want to hear [your] voice" (since before I didn't want it). Yeah, I think this is a good translation.
  • thank you so much! that's sort of what I'm looking for.. so it's like in my situation (this girl) doesn't like my singing before? and now she wants to hear at present? haha or maybe it's something personal. lol.
  • Exactly this way.

    I'm glad I could help you.

    However, you would do well if you come back later, maybe I'm wrong and someone who's better at Japanese corrects me.
  • You did a good translation, だけを。

    This なった is important, as it emphasizes the fact that the state of an action has changed. In the past, someone might not have paid any attention to the voice or didn't like it. 聞きたくなった means, that such a state has changed and now he (or she) only wants to hear this voice.

    Literally it means:
    "It has become that I only want to hear someone's | your voice."
  • You need to show the whole thing. You can't translate that with confidence without more context.

    Maybe the whole sentence is 声聞きたくなっただけに演奏に行ってみようと思って or something. Which would make the first part mean something totally different. だけ isn't that black and white.
  • It sounds more like your friend is implying that she longs to hear your voice once more, so a more accurate translation of 「声(が)聞きたくなっただけ」would be "I just wish I could hear your voice again", or the site below proposes "I just wanted to hear your voice".
  • Thanks a lot guys for helping me out! and Hakaku's suggestion was actually accurate, because the girl who wrote this to me has already told me what she meant, and it's "I just want to hear your voice".

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