is it hard to live in japan
  • im moving to japan and i want know is it hard to read all of that kanji
  • Take a look at the list of all kanji you will have to know (jouyou) and judge for yourself how hard it it learn the table by heart:
  • Is it hard to read everything? It certainly takes time to learn all the kanji.
    Is it hard to live in Japan? No, and you don't have to know how to read everything to get by.
  • Well, not all japanes know all the kanji. You just need to learn enough to get by.
    we are all learning japanese.

    For me I'm just not ready to go until I get some extreme studies goin'.
    maybe you should get started.
  • You're so lucky! I want to move to Japan too, but all that kanji can be daunting. A lot of stations have signs in English, so don't worry too much about transportation. The people are also very helpful, so don't be afraid to ask for directions. Good luck in Japan!!!
    P.S. if you go to Osaka, try their takoyaki!
  • There are people all over the world who live in different countries and never learn to speak the language and live there is fine. Sad truth I know but it is true
  • If you know japanese then it is easy...if not it would be quite difficult. Take a look for kanji problems hare.
  • I've visited Japan and stayed tehre for how many weeks. I feel that it is really good and find good accomodation while staying there. People from Japan are hospitable and approachable. :) I love every little thing about Japan, including its language and culture. :) If you want to kno wmore you can browse this site
  • To answer your question, Yes its very hard to remember Kanji when its your second language but it shouldn't be seen as "work to remember". You should look at kanji like art, trying remembering little things and everytime you see that same kanji say it out aloud. I find that once I learn the basic sounds of a Kanji sometimes it speaks out to me, learning the radicals helps me a lot of the time but depending on how passionate you are about it.
  • Japan is actually not a nice place to live in.
    Japan is quite unpleasant place to live in.
    I suggest you not to decide to live in Japan.
    Japan is currenty a shithole due to terrible tsunami.
  • Japan is cimply a shithole!
  • I'd like to say 'marvelheroes' is quite an interesting personage to say the least ^^.
  • Tokyo can be hard ^_^
  • I really wanted to go there, but I don't have a Japanese blood. I mean going there to migrate. Any suggestion please?

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