Firefox bug
  • So recently when I've been opening Denshi Jisho with Firefox, All the advertisements skip to the top of the page and block my search results (for word search).
    Internet Explorer works fine. Is it my browser or perhaps something wrong with the site? Thanks!
  • Hmm, that's not good at all. What version of Firefox are you running?
  • Also, what screen size are you using?
  • If you could attach a screenshot that would be very helpful in figuring out what is wrong.
  • I haven't noticed any problems with Firefox. I have version 3.6.10.
  • Hey everyone thanks so much for all the help! It seems to have fixed itself. . .

    it was acting up for only I day I don't know what the problem was. If It happens again i'll post a screen shot. Thanks again!
  • I got another comment via email about the same problem.

    Most likely it was just the CSS that was cached a bit too eagerly. I went in and forced an update of the CSS, which I must have forgotten when I made the changes. My apologies.

    So hopefully everything should look ok now.

    Oh, and thanks for not using Ad block on :)

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