Super easy text readings?
  • This was done by NicQ a few days ago, so I might as well as a similar question.
    I'm something like a "starter" in Japanese (actually I don't think I'll ever admit being intermediate T_T), but I can read quite a few sentences, although really slowly. When I first learned English, I went through loads of different story books to improve my reading skills.
    Anyway, all the stuff I learn in my textbook are starting to get repetitive; I can read them, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to understand stuff outside the textbook, whether its limited vocabulary or different sentence structure. Does anyone recommend reading Japanese text to improve my reading skills? If so, what type of text?
    I really don't mind what type, but I'm a little lost here. Thanks.

    #edit: Kanji isn't a problem for me. It's pretty much Chinese characters, which I have spent half my life slaving away at my desk trying to write them. It's more of a grammar and vocabulary problem, I guess.
  • 1. Read Japanese.
    2. ????
    3. Profit.

    Seriously though, get Rikaichan (the 's' button is your friend), get Anki, start reading whatever and build a vocab deck.
  • My opinion is that outside-the-textbook real practice is the most important part in learning any language.

    About the type of text… Some would read ranobe (as ‘light novels’ they’re unlikely to require serious language skill) or manga. Some prefer watching Japanese movies or anime with Japanese subtitle. But the main thing, in my opinion, is to find what’s really interesting for you personally. Sincere interest = great motivation.

    Also important is your ability to get original Japanese stuff: for English it’s not a problem, but Japanese books could be hard to find in local shops or online.

    Slightly unrelated: set Japanese as the primary language for your software and your gadgets and you'll have nowhere to run from practice. Seems like you know language good enough for such move; though skill doesn’t really matter, usually when we get used to software changing interface language isn’t a problem.
    I’m doing this stuff now with Japanese as I did before with English, because it seems to work fine.
  • For people looking for material to read, there's also Nippon Talk

    They have texts with furigana and translations, and you can even use Rikaichan on their website.
  • Why won't you make friends in social media sites who knows how to speak and write Japanese, or the very I believe that will help a lot...

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