Japanese Home Cooking on the Cheap
  • Hi guys and gals-

    So, I'll be working in Japan starting in July, and I'm really excited. I'll be living in a rural area in Yamaguchi-ken, so my living expenses should be reasonable, but all of my research points toward diet being a major factor in being able to save money in Japan.

    What I am looking for are a few easy-to-prepare Japanese meals that are inexpensive and filling. Ok, reading that sentence makes me realize that I am looking for the Perfect Japanese Food™. I'm alright in the kitchen, but if I'm tired from work I want something easy to fix. On days like that now I usually cook some Sloppy Joes or Kit Tacos, but I figure that the beef prices in Japan may limit how often I want to cook those sorts of meals. Does anyone have any experience with this? What do you fix for yourself after work everyday?

    I'm particularly curious about the different Donburi dishes; all of the noodle dishes seem to have ridiculous amounts of sodium. I had always heard Japanese food was healthy, but a lot of it seems to have quite a bit of salt in it.

    Perfect Japanese Food™! Thoughts?
  • Well, that will certainly keep you alive. And it is easy to fix. And it is inexpensive. Perfect Japanese Food™ established. So Tobb hath spoken, so shall it be done. All hail.
  • Hi! We had a few Waseda students in our University this year and they were always really eager to show off their Japanese cooking! My favourite was sushi, yum, yum! They made it quite casually - much like a wrap, rather than the perfect little circles you usually see! We used chopped veg, rice, omlette, chopped apple sometimes and tuna or fish.

    Also - another dish I was really fond of Oyakodon or Parent and child rice! I loved it - here is a good guide to the recipe: http://j-simplerecipes.com/recipes/egg/egja02a.html

    Hope that helps :3
  • That's a useful link, thanks!

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