• I have a sentence I almost understand fully, but one small part is making me wonder.


    I am wondering about '1段め', I can understand '1段' as a counter, but is the 'め' part of the word (だんめ) or not? If not, what does it signify? If so, I cannot find a description for だんめ.
  • め(目) is used to turn a cardinal number into an ordinal.

    E.g. 三回目に出来ました。I managed it on the third attempt. (Literally "I could do it the third time").
  • Aha, so it was indeed 目, but written in just kana. ^^;

    Now it also explains the 1段目 better in that it was talking about my Wordtank G55, which has a row of numbers and in another colour the あ-row of かな. So the translation of something like stage, rank or row for this あ-row makes sense.

    Ah, found this (http://www.trussel.com/jcount.htm):

    42. 段 dan ichi steps; steps or stages; columns (of print)

    Since the numbers and kana are at the first row from the top, this would solve it.


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