need help translating this tattoo
  • someone said that this means success..i look online and i dont see this meaning success....ii know there are alot of ways to write different words....does it really mean success...if not what does it really mean

  • I really can't tell what it's suppose to be. Even if I rotate the image, the strokes in the symbol strike me as odd for a Japanese or Chinese character. "Success" in a single kanji (Japanese) would be written as 功, which is pretty far off from the tattoo in the picture.

    Maybe someone can provide a better suggestion, but I'm going to conclude that it's nonsense.
  • It's the character 物 inverted (meaning if that thing is the bottom of a stamp, when you stamp it on a piece of paper, it will come out as 物). It means "thing" or "stuff."
  • Posted By: tamatama
    [p]It's the character 物 inverted (meaning if that thing is the bottom of a stamp, when you stamp it on a piece of paper, it will come out as 物). It means "thing" or "stuff."[/p]

    So it is. I must admit, it had me baffled.
  • Yeah, it's obvious once you know what it is, but I had to look at it for a couple minutes to figure it out.
  • I saw it immediately (I'll thank RtK for that quick recognition of primitives in an inverted and upside down form).

    Anyways, it's hilarious how people get tattooed with things they don't understand and it always comes out as crap. Even assuming that it's just the picture and the tattoo is actually correctly positioned on the person, who the crap would want to tattoo "thing" on themselves?
  • I agree. I even saw a man (a Caucasian obviously) with a "猪" (Japanese: boar, Chinese: pig) on his arm. I cannot but doubt that somebody must have played a huge joke on him.
    BTW, many of the Kanji tattoos are more Chinese than Japanese.
  • There's a fine line between being cool and doing something stupid to yourself. Just to be fair though, a lot of Asians (including some of my Japanese friends who I tease) wear clothes or have accessories with nonsense English on, which I always find amusing (in fact sometimes I like buying these things). Has anyone ever seen a tattoo with nonsense or misspelled English? (Not that tattoos are very popular in Japan...)
  • The only tattoos I saw in Japan were either the rare yakuza ones, absolutely stunning in their size and level of detail, or ones that friends had gotten which were usually names of loved ones or very small pictures of things like birds and flowers.

    I did see my fair share of hilarious shirts. The best was a sweatshirt with enormous decorative text resembling the stylization of laundry detergent packaging that just said (minus redaction) "CO-KSU-KER".
  • I have 夢 tattoo'd on the back of my neck, hidden by my shirt most of the time though... In retrospect, I chose that when I didn't know alot about kanji, and if I had to choose now I'd get 々 instead.
  • ROFLOL .... thank you for the laughs .... i've never been a fan of tattoos, altho' the old samurai kind did look sorta cool ... i personally thought they were an outward expression for a person who couldn't say/be what they were ... @tamatama you are so right! i just never thought of that. i used to scratch my head over the odd English word on shirts till i figured out that what was cool about it was just that it was English and not the meaning! i guess we humans are just silly, foolish beings
  • If you turn that photo through 180, it will be the right way up, but then it will be inverted left-right - so whichever way you look at it, it's not just ridiculous, it's wrong!

    Unless the guy smears ink over the tattoo and then presses his arm against the wall, in which case his wall would say "thing" ;)
  • funny post

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