English to Japanese please
  • Is anyone able to write this is Japanese using hirigana or katakana?

    'On Golden Week there are big crowds for the Japanese flower arrangements. Not only that, the tea ceremony is full.'

    Thanks in advance.
  • This is my translation, there's really no telling just how correct it is. I'm pretty sure it gets the meaning across at least:


    A literal translation of the above would be: During golden week, tons of people gather for japanese flower arrangements. Not only that, "Way of Tea" is also full.

    The main problem is that I do not know the proper way to say "tea ceremony" in this situation. sadou means tea ceremony. but it means "the art of tea ceremony" more than an actual tea ceremony. Hopefully someone else at this forum can correct my sentence if need be :)
  • I think chadou or sadou works fine. Ocha if you're between mates. There was a course I went to a couple of times, they didn't refer to it as anything else.
    On another note, I found some beginners' texts in Japanese, you can read them in Romaji (itch-itch) or Kanji, and one of them was about Golden Week. Very basic, so Aj if you're doing a presentation or something, you can check it out.
  • I much prefer translating from Japanese to English than this way round. Tobberoth's translation looks very good. The only thing I'm not sure about is 'ikebana no tame ni', which I'm not sure is something Japanese people would say. Perhaps 'ikebana wo suru ni', though that doesn't sound quite right either.
  • Or maybe 'ikebana wo shiteiru hito ga ooi desu'. Slightly different feeling I know.
  • The problem is mainly with the english sentence itself. First of all, is he talking about learning ikebana, or it he talking about looking at ikebana? Also, is he talking about learning of the tea ceremony, or participating in it?

    As usual with japanese translation, context is important since sentences are built very differently.

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