Basic grammar
  • For those of you who get increasingly frustrated with many of the textbooks for learning Japanese I can recommend two books I recently purchased from (next to my copies of 6th edition Kojien and Meikyou):

    A dictionary of basic Japanese grammar (日本語基本文法辞典):
    A dictionary of intermediate Japanese grammar (日本語文法辞典―中級編):

    By the way 6th edition Kojien (広辞苑 第六版) is:
    And the Meikyou (明鏡) is:

    Especially given the price and size, the Meikyou is quite nice to carry around. Not something you'd do easily with the Kojien.
  • What's Meikyou and Kojien?
  • They're monolingual Japanese dictionaries. Kojien's got a really good reputation in Japan, and when I bought an electronic dictionary someone advised me to get one with Kojien.
  • The meikyou is the dictionary used in the DS "game" Kanji Sono Mama Rakubiki Jiten. It's used in lots of other denshi jisho as well.

    Personally, I'm thinking of buying Kojien, but there are two versions, 普通版 and 机上版 (general edition and academic edition). Question is which one to buy, the academic one is almost twice as expensive...

    Edit: I'm not all that fond with Meikyou, I prefer daijirin (大辞林) from my experience. I haven't personally used Kojien.
  • Tobberoth: I got the general edition for all I know and that's already a monster at 3000+ pages. It also comes with a small additional book which also features a number of interesting facts and all that.

    I got Daijirin on my Wordtank G55, so I postponed getting that one. Perhaps next month, heh. (Making good use of the good euro/yen conversation rate.)

    Edit: And it is still my goal to have the complete Morohashi (諸橋轍次) Dai Kan-Wa Jiten (大漢和辭典).
  • For anyone interested in details, this site is amazing.
  • Just to inform you that A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar 日本語文法辞典【上級編】is now available, See for details.
  • Posted By: asmodai
    [p]Just to inform you that A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar 日本語文法辞典【上級編】is now available, See details.[/p][span class=CommentSignature]Yes, I am a bluntly honest type.[/span]

    I got this two weeks ago, and have only started to read it, but I'll have to say that anyone from intermediate and up will benefit from it.
    Definite buy!
  • That looks like a very good book.... how comprehensive is it? Everything from JLPT4 to JLPT1, just the complex grammar, just the decently basic grammar?

    Give me a review guys :)
  • I think you should see the basic book being JLPT 4-3, intermediate 3-2, and advanced 2-1.

    The book actually allows you to see selected pages inside on the Amazon website.

    It takes concepts, like in the basic one particles such as の、に、but also stuff like ~ましょう、ことが出来る、ところだ、~て and so on. But also explanations of Japanese onomatopoeia, what some sounds represent, so the 'r' is used for fluidity, slippery things, whereas 'm' and 'n' signify warmth.
  • Just received my copy, seems the advanced one is aimed for the JLPT 2 and 1 levels. The kanji used in those tests have furigana in the book.

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