Books and study material on VERBS
  • Ive been having trouble studying VERBS and their tenses. I came across verbs ending in wasereru or wareru if I remember correctly. But I cant find the explanation anywhere.
    Does anyone know some good books or practice material, EVEN online that could help me out.

    Besides that, what IS a good a book to use for study. I have the JLPT 3kyuu proficiency book which is GREAT, learn a lot from there. Any other suggestions?

    Thnx in advance.
  • Since no-one else answered, maybe this is some use:

    The book list there is a little out of date though. New information welcomed.
  • I like "Japanese Verbs at a Glance" (

    Ben has it on his list, and I found it very helpful when I started studying Japanese. But it's a few years old and there might be better stuff out there now that I'm not aware of.
  • Thnx for the suggestions, from Ben's list ive seen only "The Complete Japanese Verb Guide" at the bookstore. I have to do some research in the other books. Thnx :)
  • Papigiulio! Have a look at my blog. You may find it helpful. It's all about speaking in Japanese. Tips and How Tos...

    I've also introduced a helpful toolkit in my blog which is useful:

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