Need help translating
  • I need help with some sentences from a doujinshi/fanmade comic:

    1. そんなに ため息ばかり ついてると 寿命がちぢむよ

    2. ちゃんと 気持ちを 伝えた方が いいよ。
    そうしておけば もし誰かに 取られちゃっても あきらめられる

    上手く いったら 尚いいよ

    3. そんな 簡単モンじゃねえ

    そうしちゃ ならねえ 相手も いるんだよ

    I don't know what the katakana (モン) in the last one is. Is it 者 or 物 or anything else? It was written like that in the book and it made me confused.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Translating this out of context makes plenty of room for error, but I gave it a shot. This is what I make of it:

    1. You know, if you're always sighing like that, you're going to shorten your lifespan.

    2. You're best off divulging your feelings.
    If you do so, you can give up even if they wind up getting stolen by someone.

    If it goes well, all the better.

    3. It ain't that easy.

    I also have a [partner? opponent?] who can't do that.

    The モン in the last sentence is indeed short for 物, meaning "thing," though in this case omitting the word entirely helps the sentence flow better in English. It's usually written in hiragana, but katakana works as well, especially in manga.
  • Thankyou so much!

    I will look into it, but after a first glance I think most of it fits well in the context!
    And thankyou for the explanation about モン!
  • Maybe "簡単モン" is wrong. It must be"簡単なモン."

    そんな 簡単なモン(簡単な物)じゃねえ!

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