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  • Kinda hard when you don't know the kanji, but I translated the blue one. It says 工業地域 (koukyou chiiki) which means "area for manufacturing".
    The red one is 商業地域 (shougyou chiiki) which means "area for trade".

    Those were no doubt the easiest to translate ^^
  • The green is 住居地域 (juukyochiiki), residential area.
    The yellow is 未指定の部分 (mishitei no bubun), this area is not yet specified.
    The blue =-striped is 工業地域内甲種特別地區 (kougyou chiikinai koushu tokubetu chiku), first-grade industrial area.
    The blue ||-striped is 工業地域内乙種特別地區 (kougyou chiikinai otushu tokubetu chiku), second-grade industrial area.

    The other's I'm too lazy to look at. Anyone up for some Sim City? :)
  • Thank's! :) Is the text right above the color-legend of any importance?

    I need some help with this text, which I found in an excel sheet about "Number of districts with district plans". Some cells close to this data reads:


    and I have tried to understanding; but it's hard. I have translated it roughly as this:

    Data: Summary from office of Tokyo metropolitan industrial service.
    Ecplanation: "District plans" is related to the inhabitants' way of living and there is more to it than just a fixed plan about architectual form. For example dispositions of such things as public buildings.

    One local special quality, is appropriately satisfactory town environment preservation maintenance. for the sake of introducing this, there is a system that limits highway parks arrangement and building relations.

    are there any big mistakes? (I guess there are :P)

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