"Nobody special" in Japanese?
  • How do you say "Nobody/no one special" in Japanese? As in, "[name] is nobody special."
  • 彼はただの平凡な人だ。(He is just an ordinary person.)
    彼はまったく平凡な人だ。(He is totally an ordinary person.)
    彼は平凡な人でしかない。(He is nothing but an ordinary person.)

    This is the most elegant one: 彼は名無しの権兵衛だ。

  • Thank you very much!
  • Ooh! Thank you ccpan. I searched the meaning of the kanji (権兵衛) and I found it fascinating.
    兵:(common) soldier; rank and file;


    So I tried Google to get the etymology behind it:
    名無しの権兵衛 (Nanashi-no-Gombei, literally 'Nameless member of the imperial guard').[reference: http://linguacuriosa.blogspot.com/] Known as a way of saying "John Doe"

    Really fascinating!

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