Getting from airport to my hotel - underground/over ground prices.
  • Genrally, i need to get from the airport (narita) to ikebukuro. How much would a ticket cost? I heart that the bus costs around 3000 yen...effing ridiculous. i've never paid this much for a bus, never will.
    so, how much will from narita to ikebukuro cost? (a single trip)
    and then how much is one subway ticket pass for the whole day? like in london, we have a day pass which is £2 for a child, £7.50 for an adult and you can go anyway in london until 4am the next day
    i know this is probably asked lots but i seriously can't find it on google lol!
  • If you're staying in Tokyo, the most convenient thing to do is to to get the "Suica & NEX".

    Basically, it's 3500 yen for a ticket which will take you from Narita straight to Ikebukuro, and a Suica card (basically Tokyo's Oyster card), with 2000 yen on it, which can get you anywhere in and around Tokyo on pretty much any train. You can buy it at Narita airport.

    I stayed in Ikebukuro back in September. What hotel are you in, out of curiosity?
  • If you take the normal JR lines from Narita it'll be about 1500¥ but will take longer and you have to transfer at Tokyo. There are no daily passes in Tokyo, so you'll be paying on a trip by trip basis. You can get the JR Rail pass which is expensive, but if you plan to take the Shinkansen anywhere it would make it worthwhile. Oh and fees for all train systems depend on the distance traveled. It starts at 140-160¥ for a few stops. Expect to pay generally 200-300¥ per trip on average. It's around 1,000¥ to go to Kamakura from Ikebukuro.
  • What, did they get rid of the daily pass? When I lived in Tokyo in 2007, a daily pass cost 750 yen and you could travel as much as you wanted for the whole day on all JR lines inside Tokyo. (That's Tokyo prefecture, you could not go from Narita on it.)
  • I'll check again when I'm in Shinjuku, right now I live in Mitaka which, while in Tokyo-to, isn't part of the 23 Special Wards. Last time I bought a ticket (which admittedly has been a while) I didn't notice the day pass, but it's probably still available and I just wasn't paying attention to it.

    Edit: Found the ticket, it's for the 23-ward area only, literally ends one station before mine. 730¥ for one day. 1,580¥ and it looks like it includes the Subway, still in the wards only. Sat, Sun, Holidays for 2,300¥ but the area is much larger.

    All one day passes.
  • Bus tickets in Japan are really quite expensive. And also hotel accommodation as well. I had the chance to visit the country, and I can say that it's worth it, I really like everything about the country, though they have quite expensive bus tickets, and hotel accommodation as well, but it's worth it! I really enjoyed my stay in the country, people there are very friendly and warm. I had made lots of friends there though I only had a week to stay in the country, one of my Japanese friend gave me a tat as a present, he's really a very good tat artist and his tattoo designs are really cool and awesome! He made small butterflies around my wrist and I'm wearing it like a bracelet. My one week vacation was really awesome and one of my most memorable experience. Beautiful country and beautiful people as well, though you have to spend a little bit on travel expenses and hotel accommodation, but I can say it's worth it.

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