Sentence grammar practice help!
  • Hello minna! I'd like to know if there is a website where I can practice writing sentences in Japanese and then checking my answers? I've been learning Japanese for about 6 months now and it's going really well but I really need a place where I can practice writing sentences in Japanese. Thank you in advance! ^_^

    Write a text and japanese natives will read it and correct it.
  • Amaya!
    For speaking skill, try my blog:
    Some interesting topics may be found out there...

    All the best.. :)
  • No one cares about your crappy blog, stop spamming.
  • Is is possible to delete those posts, annoying as hell.
  • I agree with Tobberoth that will serve your needs.
    Not only will your Japanese texts be checked and corrected by Japanese natives, but also you can help others with studying your language.

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